SwissBorg’s Anthony Lesoismier discusses how to not get ‘rekt’ while trading crypto (or other assets)

by Gordon James

In this interview, Anthony Lesoismier, our VP of Investment Strategy, talks about his strategy for trading digital assets.

A few days ago, Anthony Lesoismier, the co-founder and Head of Research of SwissBorg, a trading finance technology, has published a blog post “How to Not get ‘rekt’ while trading crypto (or other assets)”. This post has been featured on several financial publications and websites (including Forbes,, CoinTelegraph, and Coindesk).

If you always get “rekt” when you trade cryptocurrencies or other assets then you should pay attention to this article. I was also quite “rekt” when I started trading cryptos but the tips I offer here helped me to succeed with trading cryptos.. Read more about what is crypto trading and let us know what you think.

It could be said that day trading in crypto currency is probably the fastest way to lose money. After all, more than 90% of all beginners end up losing money when they try their luck in the market, and most of the time they lose their capital (or worse, go into debt) by trying to print millions. There are several aspects to this situation. Social media influencers make commerce seem easy, but it’s really not. Trading is a pretty intense activity, requiring strict risk management, adequate training and capital, and a foolproof strategy that will yield profits at the end of the day, after bearing all those expensive costs. But if you do want to mine and are looking for advice, you should consult Anthony Lesoismier, director of security and co-founder of cryptocurrency app Swissborg. Mr. Lesoismier began his career as a quantitative hedge fund analyst in 2008 and spent the next nine years in trading. There he learned the ropes of working in the markets, learning both the psychological and technical challenges of building a successful career. Today, Lesoimer sat down with Alex Fazel of crypto education platform CryptoNites to talk a bit about his training and share tips, tricks and other risks lurking for inexperienced traders in the cutthroat market.

Tips forcrypto traders

Curiously, Lesoismer states that most successful trading strategies have a low success rate. If you want to become very successful together, the percentage of your trades is usually extremely low because you’re going to try to get a valuable signal and fail because it’s mostly noise, he shared. So noise brings you gains, then losses from gains, small gains from losses, or less, less, less. In the process, you begin to doubt yourself. I think bitcoin will rise, you go in, you take a position and then you lose money, he added. The mental aspect of trading is another challenge, he shared. When you have a new program in front of you, it puts a lot of pressure on you, right? That’s why, you know, sometimes people say I believe in fundamental analysis or I believe only in technical analysis, but in fact those two aspects can complement each other because they make you realize that you should never neglect the psychological part of investing, Lesoimer said. He added: Even though your technical analysis is extremely useful for your position, sometimes reading the news, attending conferences of founders will also help you gain confidence. And trust is part of the process. You should not only be blind and confident, but also aware and self-aware. (Check out the rest of Lesosmer’s thoughts on cryptocurrencies, card trading, poker strategies, bitcoin and more in the Cryptonites episode, streaming in its entirety now).

Gaining an advantage in the crypto asset market

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Anthony Lesoismier has been trading cryptocurrencies for over a year, and he has some great insights on why you should not be scared to buy low and sell high. He believes that the market is moving to mass adoption, and he hopes to see you join in the fun and profits in the near future.. Read more about is cryptocurrency legal and let us know what you think.

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