SolidProof Introduces KYC And Audit Services For DeFi Projects

by Gordon James

SolidProof announced the launch of a DeFi-specific KYC and Audit services for decentralized finance projects. The company is aiming to provide transparency and security standards that are not available on other platforms, especially those with high levels of risk associated with raising funds through an ICO or DEX.

Token audits are a key component of any DeFi project. SolidProof, a decentralized audit and KYC service, is offering these services to the crypto community. Read more in detail here: token audit.

SolidProof Introduces KYC And Audit Services For DeFi Projects

10 December 2021, Handewitt, Germany Chainwire

SolidProof, a blockchain auditing firm located in Germany, has completed the development of its auto audit tool and aims to publish it shortly. The SolidProof Automated Auto Tool (SAAT) is a smart contract auditing tool that is aimed to simplify and speed up the process. 

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is rapidly gaining traction among consumers and businesses. Hacks, frauds, and other security breaches targeting DeFi standards, on the other hand, threaten to hinder the sector’s growth. By addressing developer ineptitude, SAAT intends to assist blockchain projects in improving the safety and quality of their code. 

The platform’s services will eventually mitigate major flaws in cryptographic tokens and blockchain technology. Furthermore, the auto tool will be at the heart of all SolidProof audit-related services, assisting the company in producing a trustworthy and easy automatic examination of DeFi codes.

How Does an Automated Audit System Work?

SAAT scans any DeFi project’s smart contract for faults, mistakes, and inefficiencies using pre-installed parameters. The skilled SolidProof team can offer quick, accurate, and transparent audit reports free of human mistake by automating the whole code review process.

SolidProof can evaluate very complicated smart contracts that would be almost difficult to examine manually thanks to audit automation, enhancing the security of Defi projects.

SolidProof auditors give the development team with an audit report after finishing the autonomous review process, which ranks the existing vulnerabilities according to their severity (Critical, Medium, and Low).

The auditors then provide suggestions to fix any loose ends or inefficiencies in the system. They then collaborate with the project supporters to remedy the problems found before delivering a final audit report and certificate demonstrating that the project is safe for general usage.

The upcoming SolidProof auto tool seems to be a critical service for blockchain companies trying to detect hard-to-find flaws and give their smart contracts more assurance. The product will be critical in boosting DeFi project safety and developing confidence with their clientele.

A placeholder for the auto tool was been added by the SolidProof team. The placeholder allows Launchpads like Unicrypt to embed the simple SAAT on their website, making it available to customers right away. The change makes it simpler for DeFi companies conducting their presale on the platform to meet their audit requirements with only a few clicks before listing their token.  

SolidProof Instills Confidence Designed in Germany

SolidProof aspires to be the leading supplier of DeFi auditing solutions by combining world-class auto-tests with human code inspections from a dedicated team of blockchain security specialists. 

By enabling growing companies to discover and plug any flaws that may be exploited by hackers, the German-based security company gives DeFi investors peace of mind. SolidProof’s tailored solution also includes KYC scanning services, which examine clients’ transactional data for any signs of fraud, money laundering, or terrorism funding. 

To increase openness in DeFi, the blockchain security company publishes all of the most recent audit findings on its website and social media platforms. Projects in the DeFi domain may submit a non-binding request to the audit team in order to get a customized and affordable price. 

On the SolidProof website, developers may learn how to use the audit firm’s security solutions to increase investor trust. Check out the social media accounts below to interact with the SolidProof community and learn more about how the company is improving the security of DeFi smart contracts:

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The “santa coin audit” is a blockchain-based service that provides KYC and Audit services for projects based on the Ethereum network. SolidProof is an upcoming startup company that will be providing these services.

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