New Polygon Ecosystem Index (PECO) lets you bet on the performance of Polygon (MATIC) projects

by Gordon James

The Polygon ecosystem is made up of game developers, influencers and gamers that are working together to create a new gaming project. Gamers can now bet on the performance of these projects by investing in them with MATIC tokens.

The “matic coin news” is a new index that lets you bet on the performance of Polygon (MATIC) projects. It allows users to invest in these projects by purchasing tokens. The PECO system will be based on the Ethereum blockchain and will allow for instant transactions with no transaction fees.

According to a press release published with, Amun, a pioneer in DeFi index products, launched the Polygon Ecosystem Index (PECO) token this week.

The Polygon Ecosystem Index (PECO), a single token that encapsulates the greatest native projects on @0xPolygon, has been launched by Amun.

Starting today, we’re doing a pre-sale event to commemorate the debut. YTFVYoa3SJ ( ( (

— Amun (@Amun) on the 7th of October, 2021

The PECO coin is an index of the top projects being created on Polygon, an Ethereum scaling platform onboarding millions to Web3 — offering consumers tailored exposure to the full Polygon ecosystem, rather than simply projects that reside on both chains. It is available via the Amun Platform. 

PECO is Polygon’s first ecosystem index token, developed in collaboration with Amun, Polygon Foundation, and major Polygon initiatives. 

Inside the Polygon ecosystem’s bet

MATIC accounts for half of PECO’s original makeup, with Quickswap, DFYN, Adamant Finance, Aavegotchi, and Qi Dao accounting for the other half. Instead than offering a token that develops with the Polygon ecosystem, this composition gives an option to merely holding MATIC. 

PECO is rebalanced on a monthly basis to lock in gains and guarantee that component tokens are distributed based on market size and liquidity rank. MATIC’s share of PECO is projected to shrink over time to create place for other viable ventures. Until 2023, PECO will be free of management costs.

On the Amun Platform, the token may be produced and burnt at any moment with a single click, and it’s also accessible on other big exchanges like SushiSwap. PECO is offered on both Polygon and Ethereum to provide more investors access to the Polygon ecosystem. With a single click, Ethereum users may purchase, mint, or burn PECO tokens. The Polygon Bridge’s interaction with Amun makes the procedure smooth for the user.

“Given the expansion of blockchain ecosystems outside Ethereum, we think index tokens that provide users with exposure to the top projects in each ecosystem are critical to onboarding users to these new platforms,” said James Wang, Amun’s Head of Tokens.

Several changes have occurred.

“Recently exceeding Ethereum in daily active addresses, Polygon’s DeFi ecosystem has over $4 billion in total value locked,” said Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon. PECO’s launch propels Polygon to the next level of development. 

“While Polygon was created as a side-chain to facilitate Ethereum mainnet computation, it has now grown into the most popular interoperability and scaling platform for Ethereum-compatible blockchains.”

Polygon is experiencing a steady increase in the number of unique initiatives that are finding tremendous success, thanks to the influx of developers and NFT projects from all around the globe. PECO allows investors to join in on the ground floor while developers create the next phase of DeFi and Web3.”

Outside of Ethereum, Polygon presently has the most Dapps, with over 500, including Sushiswap, Curve, Aave, Balancer, and Kyber.

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New Polygon Ecosystem Index (PECO) lets you bet on the performance of Polygon (MATIC) projects

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