Helium (HNT) Price Hits Bottom at $30 in January 2022

by Gordon James

Helium is a rare earth element used in the production of many electronics, like LCDs and LEDs. The price hit bottom on January 4th 2022 after months of falling prices due to over-production by mining companies and outages at mines because they ran out of Helium.

The “hnt price prediction january 2022” is a cryptocurrency that has been on the market for a while. The coin hit its bottom in January 2022 at $30.

For the cryptocurrency sector, the previous year was a significant one. Many cryptocurrencies rose in 2021 as a result of the rally that Bitcoin initiated back in 2020, reaching heights that many of them had never before. For instance, helium, a new currency that launched in 2020, rarely had any price fluctuation until 2021.

The currency increased in value from $1.2 to $20 in early April, to $25 in late August, to an all-time high of $55.22 in mid-November starting in January 2021. Unfortunately, the crypto sector as a whole, not only HNT, crashed after achieving this milestone.

In particular, HNT dropped from $55.22 to $26.17 in just one month. Fortunately, it saw a little comeback in the latter days of December that brought it to a resistance at $40, and that’s where it finished 2021 — at $40, unable to break through this level.

In 2022, helium

Most people anticipated that cryptocurrency prices would start to surge again when the year ended and maybe reach their all-time highs or even set new records. In the first few days of the year, Helium’s dummy HNT really attempted to climb again.

At $40, it was still having trouble with the opposition. The coin’s price was $38 as the new year began, and it quickly made an effort to break over the $40 barrier. Unfortunately, the resistance persisted, and on January 1st and 2nd, HNT made several further efforts.

The currency made another try after being knocked down to $38 by the conclusion of the second day of the year. The HNT price actually managed to strike the following barrier at $42 this time, just as January 3rd began. Somehow, this final attempt was successful.

Similar to the last barrier, this one was also incredibly difficult to overcome, and it took HNT many days to succeed. Every effort met with a somewhat greater denial, until eventually the coin was driven back down near $38. Late on January 4th, it recovered and broke beyond the $42 mark; by early January 5th, it had reached $44.

The currency reached its highest point in 2022 toward the end of the same day, hitting its YTD high just short of $45. It even temporarily overcame this obstacle. From this point on, HNT’s situation deteriorated rapidly.

The crash

HNT fell from its new YTD high to a support at $38, and then even slightly below it, to $36.88, in the early morning hours of January 6th. It made an effort to recover, which brought it back to $40, but the following time it crashed much worse.

The currency had fallen to $31.15 by January 8th, and after a short comeback to $34, it collapsed once again, this time to $30. On January 10th, it hit this level, which held as a strong enough support to prevent it from declining any further. By late January 12th, the currency had even managed to rebound to $36 until a further plunge on January 13th sent it down to $32. The currency launched another comeback in the previous few hours, bringing its price to $32.74 as of this writing.

HNT pricing, however, lacks the power to go higher at the moment, even if it’s possible that it bottomed out around $30 and that this price point will hold up against more negative waves.

The “helium price prediction 2040” is a prediction that the price of helium will reach $20.00 in 2040.

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