Cook Protocol Completes Token Distribution To 6,700 Holders After DuckStarter IDO

by Gordon James

Singapore, Singapore, 5. April 2021, The thread of the chain

Cook Protocol, DeFi’s cross-chain asset management protocol, has completed its first decentralized exchange offering on DuckStarter, successfully distributing the COOK token across three blockchains.

The Cook protocol is a decentralized cross-chain asset management platform. The protocol allows anyone to create revenue generating strategies that can be passively used by the Cook community. Fund managers have the freedom to create and execute strategies on multiple blockchains. Strategies can range from simple pooling of returns to sophisticated index funds and derivatives-based trading systems.

Key to the success of the Cook protocol is the COOK, a control token that allows the community to change key parameters of the protocol. Token holders can choose which strategies they want to see, decide how much of the platform’s revenue is used for rewards, and determine the direction of the Cook Protocol.

The Cook Protocol token is now fully available to the community on three blockchains. These include Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Huobi ECO Chain (HECO).

We had a successful EWT. Within 24 hours, the TGE, Ethereum, BSC and HECO networks registered more than 6,700 Cook protocol holders and the trade volume exceeded $30 million, said Kun Peng, co-founder of the Cook protocol. This shows that the community strongly believes in the COOK token and the Cooking protocol.

The COOK token has had several distribution events on major IDO platforms including Poolz, BSCPad and WeStarter, as well as on’s IEO platform. More than 20,000 people have participated in the EITI and EMI. The last IDO on DuckStarter marked a token generation event that distributed COOK across three interconnected blockchains. In addition to the COOK token, Cook Protocol has also released an exclusive NFT token on OpenSea, developed in partnership with Bondly.

Notable investors in Cook Protocol include the OKEx Block Dream Fund, a venture capital fund set up on the OKEx exchange to invest in bestFi and crypto-currency projects. Cook Protocol is working on an implementation on OKExChain as part of its vision for an interoperable blockchain. DuckDAO, the public incubator that built the DuckStarter platform, has also invested in Cook Protocol.

About Cook

Cook Protocol is a decentralized, multi-channel wealth management platform that enables investors and professional wealth managers to unleash the innovative potential of DeFi. The platform aims to tap into the rapidly growing crypto asset management market, which is currently estimated to be worth hundreds of billions of dollars. On the Cook Protocol platform, investors can choose from a wide range of investment options offered by fund managers. It offers investors a simple and elegant user interface and fund managers powerful trading tools to maximize their returns.



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