Cardano (ADA) hits milestone of 20 million transactions, but when are dApps coming?

by Gordon James

Cardano is a blockchain platform that provides the first crypto-technology capable of operating in commercial environments, with safety and interoperability.

The “cardano news” is a cryptocurrency that has hit milestone of 20 million transactions. However, when are dApps coming?

Cardano has recently processed its twenty millionth transaction, which is a significant achievement. What’s more amazing is that there hasn’t been a single outage in the company’s four-year existence.

Despite this feat, Cardano’s popularity has waned in recent weeks as the price of ADA struggles to gain traction.

Since the launch of Alonzo smart contracts on September 12, ADA has been in a slump, with little evidence of bulls mounting a comeback.

After a robust comeback, ADA has been trading in a tight zone between $1.55 and $1.63 since the weekend, when it reached a 16-week low of $1.42.

Cardano (ADA) hits milestone of 20 million transactions, but when are dApps coming?Source:, ADAUSD

The absence of dApps, as well as the complexity of adopting the Haskell programming language, has been criticized by some for the poor price action. Is there any truth to this, though?

Cardano is being chastised for having trouble with Haskell.

Since Alonzo went live 11 weeks ago, u/mask45 pointed out the paucity of dApps on Cardano in a recent Reddit thread.

Haskell was noted as a crucial cause in the most upvoted remark. In contrast to Ethereum’s Solidity, this user determined that Haskell is needlessly complex to develop for and disliked among programmers.

Cardano fans have mobilized since then to dispute such assertions as false information. One Reddit article, for example, highlights Runtime Verification and IELE. In practice, this implies that developers may create Cardano applications without needing to learn Haskell.

IELE is described by developers IOHK as a virtual machine for executing smart contracts, but with the same rigorous formal verification and security requirements as Cardano (and Haskell).

“IELE (called after a faerie-like creature from Romanian folklore) is a virtual computer that executes smart contracts and also gives blockchain developers with a human-readable language.”

To put things in perspective, TIOBE Software recently rated Haskell as the 40th most popular programming language, with Solidity coming in at 93rd.

Hoskinson answers to accusations that there aren’t many dApps.

Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson provided an update on the dApp issue last week, stating that IOHK is now working to iron out problems with the Plutus Application Backend (PAB).

“As many of you are aware, the PAB is now available on the testnet, and individuals are utilizing it to build their dApps.”

This approach includes a “back and forth” with dApp developers to resolve technical concerns and polish features and functionality.

He goes on to say that numerous Cardano dApps are in the works and that they will be published “very soon.”

Given that the fundamentals, such as network dependability, remain solid, greater patience with the dApp scenario may be required.

Cardano (ADA) hits milestone of 20 million transactions, but when are dApps coming?


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Cardano (ADA) hits milestone of 20 million transactions, but when are dApps coming?

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Cardano (ADA) hit a milestone of 20 million transactions in the month of September, but when will dApps be released? This is still unclear. Reference: cardano visa.

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