Bitcoin (BTC) is outperforming gold if investors take the time to buy into it, says hedge fund manager Anthony Scaramucci.

In an interview with CNBC on 18. In March, Scaramucci, who is CEO of SkyBridge Capital, confirmed his belief in bitcoin to a general audience.

Scaramucci on bitcoin vs gold: The world is changing

As bitcoin rises in 2021, one wonders if the gains will come at the expense of gold, which has not been able to benefit from the risks associated with government printing of money worldwide.

Scaramucci left no doubt that he preferred gold, which has been preferred for 4,000 years, but nothing lasts forever.

The world is changing. That’s the last record, Joe. The world is changing, he told host Joe Kernen.

$1 invested in gold for bitcoin over 11.4 years. Source: Woobull

Bitcoin ‘better than gold’ if you study it, fund manager tells mainstream media

These comments are at odds with those of gold’s staunch supporters, including Peter Schiff, who remains convinced that bitcoin will fail and that gold remains the only choice to avoid the dangers of central bank economic policies.

Moreover, Scaramucci pointed out that bitcoin fulfills the role of money as a technology – a key argument of bitcoin proponents such as Saifedin Ammus, author of Bitcoin Standard.

If you study it, it is better than gold in many ways. It’s easier to store, it can be done faster, and that value – the trust network – continues to grow.XAU/BTC 1 day candlestick chart. Source: View of the shop

Bitcoin ‘better than gold’ if you study it, fund manager tells mainstream media

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SkyBridge made headlines when it launched the BTC Fund in December 2020, at a time when the price of bitcoin was in the midst of one of its parabolic jumps toward $30,000.

Since then, the institutional trend has only accelerated. This week, Morgan Stanley became the first major bank to offer its customers the use of bitcoin funds.

As also reported by Cointelegraph, Robbie Gutman, CEO of the NYDIG Foundation, suggested that this week will be the start of a series of volatile adoption announcements.

Investors are being hammered by the mainstream media with the right story – bitcoin is doing better than gold, Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, responded to Scaramucci by praising his efforts.

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