Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in New Zealand Review (2021)

by Gordon James


To buy bitcoin in New Zealand, or any other cryptocurrency, it is probably best to buy it from a cryptocurrency exchange. With the growing popularity of Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Dogecoin, there are many exchanges in New Zealand that you can choose from to buy Bitcoin in New Zealand.

But with so many buying and selling options, you need to identify a few key factors to consider when buying bitcoins in New Zealand, which we’ve listed below.

Factors for the best cryptocurrency exchange in New Zealand

Ease of use – The stock exchange offices in New Zealand that you need to look for should have a user-friendly interface to navigate. You also need to decide how many additional features you want.

The type of crypto currency supported – The crypto currency exchange in New Zealand that you choose should also support the type of crypto currency that you plan to invest in, be it Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Payment methods – Several cryptocurrency exchanges in New Zealand offer different payment methods when buying and selling cryptocurrencies, such as. B. Authorization by credit or debit card. So you have to be careful, because some exchanges only allow transactions between cryptocurrencies and crypto-currencies. So it’s not much use if you only want to buy bitcoins with fiat currency.

Cryptocurrency wallets – Another factor to consider is their cryptocurrency wallet, which some cryptocurrency exchanges offer. You can use your crypto-currencies, such as. B. Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin, store in these wallets, but this is not recommended because you now have control over your private keys. The wallets are reasonably secure, but it is always advisable to have your own bitcoin wallet to ensure you own your crypto currency.

Transaction Fees – The bitcoin exchange you are looking for should also charge a reasonable fee, depending on the transaction model. This is because some cryptocurrency exchanges are structured to better support traders with high trading volumes.

In conclusion, when buying Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin in New Zealand, you should check the security features offered by the crypto currency exchange. You can find this out by going to their website and finding out if they have insurance for their clients’ investments.

2-Minute Summary

Before we go to the list, the best general crypto exchange for crypto trading would be E-Toro.

E-Toro is a cryptocurrency exchange accessible to users from almost every country, including New Zealand. E-Toro supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

E-Toro differs from other cryptocurrency exchanges in that it is a social trading platform, meaning buyers and sellers can see each other’s trading patterns. E-Toro then offers a unique feature that allows its users to copy the trading patterns of top traders if they want to.

They claim to have over 10 million users worldwide and are one of the first online brokers to offer cryptocurrency trading to their customers. The e-Toro trading platform also ensures that all purchased digital currencies are stored in secure cold wallets, and that users have virtually no access to their own private keys.

E-Toro is known for charging higher than average transaction fees, as well as a trading platform that charges users for storing cryptocurrencies overnight. For example, the weeknight price is $0.24 for every $1,000 of leverage. There is no charge for unpaid exhibitions, but the fee is three times higher than for exhibitions during the weekend.


Ease of use and simple user interface for beginners
Easy account setup


Trading margins can be high, depending on the type of currency being traded
Above-average trading costs

The best cryptocurrency exchanges in New Zealand

1. SwyftX


Support for various crypto currencies
Fast online identity confirmation
Low fees


Margin trading is not available in New Zealand and Australia.

Founded in 2017, SwyftX is a cryptocurrency exchange focused on supporting new users in ZEaland and is one of the best exchanges to buy Bitcoin Ethereum. The exchange, which has over 35,000 users, provides a user-friendly experience for desktop and mobile users.

It is a regulated market under the trade name Swyftx Pty Ltd. It is supervised by AUSTRAC, a Brisbane-based authority that monitors compliance with financial laws to minimise the risk of crime and money laundering.

It is also a cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to buy bitcoins with payment methods such as bank transfer, credit card, cryptocurrency, debit card, Osko and Payment ID. Supported crypto-currencies in New Zealand are Bitcoin, Ethereum and more than 220 types of crypto-currencies.

SwyftX charges a fixed transaction fee of 0.6% on all transactions. With $2 in deposits under $200. Swyftx’s exchange fees range from 0.4% to 0.6% on deposits and withdrawals, which are also included in the published price of cryptocurrencies.

2. Independent reserve


Support for trading in NZD currencies
Choice of multiple payment methods
Low trading costs, starting at 0.5% but dropping to 0.05% depending on trading volume


The user interface is a bit complicated and confusing for inexperienced users.

Established in 2013, the independent reserve exchange is one of the best exchanges to buy bitcoins in Australia and New Zealand. The Independent Reserve Exchange offers its services to users from all walks of life, including financial institutions, SMSFs, private users and traders.

Independent Reservice is a popular exchange that offers competitive transaction fees and is especially good for buying bitcoin in New Zealand because it supports the New Zealand dollar. New Zealand residents can also buy and sell most major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and DeFi tokens through Swift.

Independent Reserve supports payment methods such as EFT, Osko/PayID, POLi and Swift bank transfer. The structure of trading fees in the independent pool is also based on the user’s trading volume. The trading structure is based on tiers, which means that the more cryptocurrencies a user trades, the lower the commissions are.

The independent reserve also has insurance that guarantees the recovery of its funds in the event of a collapse.

3. Finance


World’s largest and most liquid bitcoin exchange
Wide range of crypto currency trading pairs available
Exchange suitable for novice and advanced traders
Supported mobile app


Limited payment options for deposits in foreign currency

Binance is one of the largest, if not the largest, exchange for buying, selling and trading cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and over 100 digital assets. It was founded in 2017 and has been going strong ever since. It has become one of the most widely used platforms and exchanges with the highest trading volume in the world.

The exchange helps New Zealand users buy, trade and sell bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies using the New Zealand dollar. It is also an exchange that offers one of the most affordable rates, ranging from 0% to 0.1% compared to other exchanges.

The financial exchange also lets users buy crypto with a wide range of fiat currencies and supports various payment methods, including bank transfer and credit/debit card.

Binance has advanced trading features in its user interface to serve users from beginners to experienced traders.

4. Parts basis


Popular bitcoin deposit and exchange methods
Multiple deposit methods
Supports a wide range of major currencies, including the New Zealand dollar


Above-average trading costs
Margin trading not available

Coinbase is another popular exchange for buying Bitcoin Ethereum by credit card or bank transfer and is available in New Zealand. The exchange also offers a secure Bitcoin wallet that allows users to store recently acquired crypto assets, such as Bitcoin Ethereum, so you can keep track of them in one place.

It is a global cryptocurrency that allows users to quickly and easily manage their cryptocurrency portfolios through a website or mobile app. It is a beginner-friendly marketplace for exchanging digital assets. Payment methods for buying bitcoin ether are bank transfer or debit card.

Coinbase also has advanced trading tools and indicators for advanced crypto bitcoin investors and offers a secure wallet to store bitcoins and other crypto currencies for easy use.

5. Crypto-light


Registered and secure crypto exchange
Support for a wide range of cryptos
Ability to buy cryptos or bitcoins directly in the wallet
Excellent security level, never hacked
Excellent customer service


Large traffic volumes can cause delays that exceed the average cost of

Easy Crypto is a regulated and licensed bitcoin exchange that supports a variety of popular deposit methods, including bank transfers, to buy 44 different types of cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin.

Easy Crypto’s user interface provides an intuitive interface that allows users to send cryptocurrencies, such as purchased bitcoins, directly to an existing wallet or other exchange account for ease of use.

Easy crypto is an exchange that offers Kiwis a quick and easy way to convert New Zealand dollars into bitcoins, either via bank transfer or POLi.

Easy Crypto does not store any funds or private keys of its users. So, if you choose to trade on Easy Crypto Bitcoin Exchange, you will have full control over your keys at all times, eliminating the risk of online hacking and theft.

They also charge a flat trading fee of 1% for each buy and sell transaction, and users are not charged for deposits and withdrawals.

6. Kinmama


Available in most countries including New Zealand
High bitcoin purchase limits with credit or debit card for easy use.
Fast and helpful customer service


High costs when using a credit/debit card

Coinmama allows most users from all countries, including New Zealand, to buy bitcoins and charges a fee of around 4.9% to 5.9%, which is entirely dependent on a tiered pricing structure that decreases based on the user’s exchange volume.

Coinmama fills a niche in the crypto industry, where this bitcoin exchange is all about crypto trading and is supported by many features and options.

Coinmama is a simple and intuitive platform with strong customer service for buying crypto-currencies. It is also a bitcoin exchange with a long track record and a strong reputation for security.

More importantly, Coinmama is also a non-depository platform, meaning they can hold their customers’ cryptocurrencies, such as. B. Bitcoin, don’t save it. This means that users can protect themselves from online hacking and theft and store their crypto data on the Coinmama exchange on some hardware wallets like Ledger or Trezor hardware wallet.

7. ZebPay


User-friendly and intuitive interface
Regulated in most jurisdictions around the world
Direct buying and selling of cryptocurrencies
Low trading costs
Mobile app supported for Android and iOS devices.


Limited capacity of plans
No insurance fraud

Zebpay is a bitcoin digital currency exchange that offers Kiwis a method to convert fiat currency into cryptocurrency like bitcoin. Traders on the ZebPay exchange will be able to access the major crypto assets on the platform, including Ethereum and Litecoin.

ZebPay also offers its users support through a desktop and mobile shopping application.

Zebpay offers low transaction fees when users buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies, with quick registration and account verification. This is a great New Zealand crypto exchange for users to start trading crypto.

Zebpay is designed to provide a competitive payment structure and simple business experience, with a focus on security. So, the whole process of crypto trading on Zebpay is fast and suitable for beginners.

However, some improvements that can really improve Zebpay are live crypto price charts with advanced features to perform tracking and technical analysis. Zebpay is also not insured to protect its customers in case of online hacking.

Overall, this is still a great exchange with competitive and affordable transaction fees that make Zebpay a suitable exchange for beginners.

8. Bit Prime


A simple system to buy and sell cryptocurrencies
Strong customer support
Uses a third-party escrow service to hold invested funds
Offers a wide selection of over 90 cryptocurrencies and also answers customer questions.


Uncompetitive and relatively high trading rates compared to other exchanges
Slow control and transfers during busy periods

Bitprime is a New Zealand exchange registered and licensed under local Kiwi regulations. Bitprime supports both novice and experienced high net worth investors by offering special over-the-counter (OTC) rates for all high-volume transactions.

All trading fees listed on their platform include all fees such as all bank charges, exchange fees and slippage Payment methods supported include online banking and POLI payments on the NZD deposit for ease of use, and any cryptocurrency is sent directly to the hardware wallet.

9. Octopus


Low trading costs
High liquidity
Stringent security measures to protect assets
Allows trading in cryptocurrencies and fiat currency


No option for credit or debit card deposits
Not suitable for merchants seeking privacy due to lengthy and extensive verification process
Deposits and verification time are long for security reasons

Kraken is a self-regulated exchange and is registered as an MSB with FinCen in the US and FINTRAC in Canada. They are also regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Kraken is a crypto-currency exchange that is legal and safe for both beginners and experienced and serious traders, as the exchange has a huge range of features, a clear user interface for easy use, low commissions and liquidity.

However, trading on Kraken is not the best option if you want to trade crypto quickly, because the payment options on Kraken are actually limited and they do not accept credit card deposits. In addition, the security on Kraken is top notch and the best security practices in the industry are applied. So, if you don’t mind going through extensive KYC procedures, Kraken is a solid choice for crypto currency trading.

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From January 2021, only cryptocurrency transactions will be allowed for New Zealand residents.

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Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in New Zealand Review (2021)

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