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by Gordon James

We are at the beginning of the NFT experiment – day one – and the sudden explosion of NFT in the blockchain landscape has brought out skeptics and hardcore believers in the category.

Many people are still hesitant, because they do not know what impact NRM will have on society and whether they should participate. We all know that there is something very wrong with the global monetary and financial system. We don’t know how to fix it. We also understand that some kind of digital currency will replace our money.

Generations X, Y and Z are more understanding and open to the idea of NFT. Why? Because they’ve been playing games like Minecraft for years, where you trade real money for gems or tools to gain an advantage or kudos in the virtual game.

The transition between reality and virtual world is getting smaller and VR (virtual reality) will soon be the world millions of people live in.


Buying and owning a piece of art or a virtual artifact elevates your status in the real world and is one of the most fundamental changes in the human mindset.

As humans, we are programmed to send ourselves messages about how we respond to our environment – what we wear, the food we choose, the slogans we adopt, the causes we support, and the language we use every day. If not, half the companies in the world would not exist. Everything would be monochrome and grey.

We communicate with each other through what we buy and how we spend our money.

The ENTs will in turn reflect our belief system. They will often reflect our personal behavior.

So what is NFT?

NFT means unreadable token, right? What does that mean?

Here is a complete guide for One37 beginners.

Here’s a brief description: The best way to describe NFTs is that they are unique digital assets that exist in many sectors, from digital art to games to sports to virtual real estate to collections and more. Each medium can be embossed or tokenized and converted to an NFT : Art, trading cards, memes, gifs, video clips, audio clips, tweets, your grandmother’s cookie recipe – everything.

Once tokenized, these assets can be bought, sold and traded on the open market using cryptocurrencies. This is evidenced by the sky-high prices that have been reached recently. Tokenization is simply the process of replacing sensitive data with unique identifiers that retain all relevant information without compromising data security. Insensitive substitution information is called a token.

With, the world’s first and exclusive oceanic NFT, the most comprehensive collection of extreme athletes and artists on water, land and air, from the depths of the ocean to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, we are developing a platform to showcase the art of extraordinary people outside the normal performance realm.


Producing quality films and footage in extreme conditions is expensive and difficult to achieve without a good support team and budget. The use of boats, helicopters, drones, jet skis and maintenance crews is necessary to get the best images. A skilled camera crew is needed to get the best footage at the many extreme locations where wildlife and athletes are photographed.

As a young underwater fisherman, I had the pleasure of having Roger Horrocks as a dive buddy when he completed the Seaway, 100 km along the coast of Mozambique. In the latest edition of RED’s Behind the Look: In this award-winning series, underwater filmmaker Roger talks about the importance of filming wildlife and how the powerful stories and images of #Netflix #MyOctopusTeacher and #OurPlanet can impact creators and viewers.

Watching these amazing videos and other works of art will fill you with admiration and respect for the human species and its proximity to the generous planet Earth. On the blockchain, their existence is indelible. The assets have a fair value in the existing television, print, digital media and decorative arts buying markets to exhibit. NFTs are rising in value.

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